Raiding - Am I lucky or WHAT?

I love Wednesdays! Wednesday is raid day! Yay!

I had 4 people from normal runs on Sunday asking if they could come to heroic, and I had to figure out how I was going to filter that out. Krosus is a bit of a DPS check and we got it right on enrage last time so I wanted to make sure I made it clear and open on what is required, so after looking at what all the heroic raiders were doing on normal, I said that 400k dps on normal Krosus is what people will need to do to to come to heroic Krosus. That might be a bit higher than what is required but we do run an extra healer for that fight and allow for accidental deaths. I will probably get a lot of flack for that but as we get more confident in the fight we can probably relax that a bit, as we will still have the occasional stuff up but nowhere near as many as we had on our kill attempt (well, everyone DIED in that kill attempt).

So of the 4 who asked, 3 were doing just under 400k (360k+) and two of the heroic raiders were 398k so I said to those 3 come for every fight up to Krosus and 2 of them showed up. I didn't check but I hope they got loot! They all left quite amicably at Krosus and I am confident that they will hit DPS requirements on Sunday and so I can let them in without anyone saying I have been unfair. I did get some questioning about why they couldn't stay and I explained my position and I made it clear that I expect every member to be doing 400k dps on normal and those who are struggling with the damage or with constant dying will need to sit out for that boss. That seemed to work and everyone was doing well over the DPS cutoff for normal on heroic Krosus! 

It was actually a really good raid night. In our first week we did 3 bosses. In the 2nd raid week we did those 3 bosses on our first night and then got 2 new bosses down on Thursday then a new one on the Monday. This week we did all 6 bosses on Wednesday with half an hour to spare! So we called raid early because we weren't going to get many goes on the boss anyway and we might as well do the whole day on Thursday doing Star Auger.

So, why am I lucky?

Well, on first managed to loot a heroic Tier cloak and also rolled the cloak too. Unfortunately, I can't trade either of them because it's higher than what I have! So that was a damned shame for Fox and I felt bad. At first I thought if I had equipped it first and then rolled I could've traded but that wouldn't work either because I can't trade a bonus roll and once I've equipped it I can't trade it either! Anyway, so I have two cloaks and I guess I can use one for bear.

Then, from Krosus I got a Tier chest, and then I got Tier shoulders from Tichondrius which were warforged! AND on top of that I got a legendary! Granted, it's Sephuz's secret and everyone sent their grats and commiserations, but it's still a legendary! I guess I can wear it with other specs too. It's not disastrous but I would like that OTHER ring that all resto druids want.

So, a lucky run for me! 6 set! HK was outraged since he only just got his first 2 pieces of tier in this run (having none from any previous runs). So I guess I've used up all my luck for.. at least a month!

Thursday night I guess it's Star Auger time!