Minipost - And I thought I was unlucky with resto legendaries

I went out on Friday night for a fancy schmancy dinner and didn't take enough lactase towards the end of the meal and ended up with an upset tummy from too much dairy - desserts are like that! So I was woken up at 4am with the need for bio breaks as well as it being rather hot and I thought I'd log on and do some stuff in game, since I missed out on PvP night.

So, what should I do?

I didn't feel like doing world quests right at that point so I went and did some pet levelling. I got bored of flying around Draenor so I decided I'd knock out the 3 order hall quests that I had for a boss in each wing of Emerald Nightmare LFR (which I put in parentheses). There were bags for tanks and heals so I queued as both of those and healed Rift of Aln (Xavius) and Darkbough (Il'gynoth) and tanked Tormented Guardians (Cenarius). The bear tank in Tormented Guardians was just running off pulling everything and had more health and did more damage than I did, and when we were done he got Velen's Future Sight from Cenarius.

He was grumpy. He whinged in raid chat that he wanted the ring, and that was his 6th resto legendary and still he had no ring. So I guess I should stop complaining - I have 5 legendaries and also no resto ring!

Of course there are people who would say why are you complaining about 5 legendaries! I'm not complaining EXACTLY, it's just that I feel like everyone has the resto ring and I want it too coz it's the best one. I wonder if I'll ever get it!