Just keep digging, just keep digging

If Dory did archaeology, she'd say "Just keep Digging" to me
The only job where you start at the top is when you dig a hole.

This fortnight's archaeology was a lot of digging. It was hard to get started but once I got into it, it was easier. I also didn't have any tauren ghosts popping up for the first 200 bone fragments (600 in total) so once I got a few of those, the bone fragment drop increased. I actually only had to dig about 20 dig sites for this one but that's more digs than I had done for other quests.

Witnessing the burial was very short!

So we get to ride around a ghost moose. It's actually not too bad with the moose head mog for my druid. The worst part of this digging was the Majestic Elderhorn. I swear he just came looking for me to chase me around and charge me when I was in dig sites near his pathing area. I think I killed him about 8 times. A shame the world quest wasn't up....


  1. Grats on your spirit moose!

    I mostly managed to avoid elites while I was digging for the moose, except for the ettin in the Witchwood harpy area. I ran afoul of him a couple of times...

    1. Fortunately I managed to dodge him. Grats on your moose too!


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