I love being carried in Mythic plus!

It was a slow week. With Love is in the Air, the Heroes of the Storm Primal Flamesaber and archaeology mount to dig up there was not enough time to do mythic plus and I healed up plenty of other people's keys but I didn't get to level up my own key past 13 Arcway.

However, Gal told me that if I hadn't done my 15 for the week he had his one lying around. Oh, I asked, what is it? He had a Vault of Wardens +18...

PLUS EIGHTEEN! OMG! I hate Vault of Wardens 2nd boss! Would we be able to finish it???

Can't do corner strat with 2nd boss because the volcanic is really poopy. So we did it the usual way. And by the way, all the trash hit like trucks with the damned fortified.

Look, we made a pretty love heart out of sanguine!

Poor Anna and Gal, it was so nice of them to come and share their key, I wish I could have made the run smoother! However, overall, despite wiping on the 2nd boss multiple times (we had a few mishaps with Ox pulling dogs from upstairs, and then some bad knockbacks where I got disoriented) and dying to spiders because I am an idiot and walked the wrong way, the rest of the time it was ok. Oh, we did have this problem that I've had before in VoW where you die when you're down in the spider area after aggroing a brood mother and when you rez back up the top, the brood mother is there attacking you but you can't attack her because you don't have a light! So we have to all go back down the lift pick up the light and then DPS her when she pops up downstairs.

About the other bosses, that rock boss with the fire - I didn't know you could turn those statues twice to get 2 ice phases - but I guess the fight would have to belong to get that and it went for a REALLY long time. So we turned at the start and then turned again when it was about 30% or so. Glazer wasn't too bad, though we had a few deaths but no wipes and on Cordana we also didn't have any wipes either.

Look at the crappy time! LOL it's like more than double everyone else's time!

Anyway, it was an experience, and I had heaps of fun like I always do when attempting challenging things. I'll do better next time!

Unfortunately I still haven't managed to get Crooked to do a +15 in time yet, so hopefully the next week I can. I don't even think he's fussed about it. Jassaray was happy because on Tuesday night he managed to finish his +15 Arcway right at shutdown as he clicked the chest! I was trying last night before shutdown to get Goodgravy his +15 for the week but at 11pm we finished our 14 and I got a 15 HOV and I was like... hmm dunno if we can do this in time! Necrotic Tyranical next week. Tanks are gonna love it.