Gonna have to face it you're addicted to Love...

I had totally forgotten about the two toys until a day or two after Love is in the Air had started, and then I missed a day on Friday as well because of work. However, doing the dailies every day still managed to net me just enough tokens to buy both the Love boat and the Love fool.

My daughter is happily playing on her WoW account and is level 40 and so I got her to queue with me for the Chemical Crown Co instance. She died from standing in the bad stuff on the ground, but it was a nice easy way to introduce her to an instance!

There was no mount for me this year, but that's ok. I have lived without one this long, I will continue to do so without a qualm. I did feel sorry for all the people who ran it daily on all their alts.

People had some good places to farm charms for charm bracelets - though it felt like a huge chore making one charm bracelet (which needs 10 charms) and it only nets you one token. Giving a bracelet to a faction leader at least gives you 5 tokens!

Doing dungeons, raids and world quests was enough to get me my 40 charms for the 4 bracelets, and today, the last day, I finished off all the dailies and had 6 tokens left over after buying my toys. I took out the Love Fool and this waving wooden dummy spouted break up messages at me like
- "We should see other people"
- "We can still be friends"
- "It was only the one time"
- "I'm just not that into you"

And I could hit it as well. Target dummy ex-boyfriend indeed.

The Love Boat on the other hand, once I clicked it and the animation showed my jumping into it, suddenly vanished as if I had sunk the damned thing. It was a boat with a dude in the front to row me along but I am unsure if my heavy boned beefy body sank the boat or if it was a bug. Oh well, a one hour cooldown means I can't play with it again anytime soon!

Hope everyone was lucky in Love this holiday period and got some shinies!