Flamesaber mount from HOTS is hot

I don't play much Heroes of the Storm, but after Blizzcon we did say we'd try to play more. That didn't last long, but then Blizzard's ran a mount promo where you play 15 games on a Warcraft hero in Heroes of the storm with a friend from your battle.net friends list. So that rejuvenated it a little bit. However, didn't improve on my choice of characters though!

There were a few guildies that I played with to get my games done, namely Shab, HK, Sev, Crooked, Sars, Ultra, Ram and even Moisty and after sacrificing PvP night we managed to get it done.

I always play LiLi, and I try my best to be outrageously bright, so I have this pink safari suit on and ride the Hell Billie in pink skin.

It's actually a rather nice looking mount. Matches my boomkin legendary nicely!

Hope you mount hunters get your mount! It's good that you can play AI - with Shab we would often play Veteran or Elite, but with Sars we just played regular and facerolled the games. Which is better? I guess it depends on how you want to play! For novices like me, it was kinda fun to faceroll but it was challenging to play harder AI too - it just meant it took longer to get games done.

Haven't done it yet? You still have another 2 weeks to get it if you want it! The promo finishes on March 14th so what are you waiting for?



  1. Hardest thing for me was, adjusting to the movement of HoTS and then going back to WoW and expecting to 'move' my toon the same way. :)


    1. My problem is clicking the ground too much. Nice to see you managed to get a comment to work Foreva! :D


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