Finally Navi changes her Transmog

Kamalia made a nice pink toned transmog for me, but I have to go out and get it, so whilst I'm out trying to pick those pieces up, I thought I'd play around with Moon Guard Robes or Grove Keeper's Robe, which I thought looked quite nice.

I ended up playing around with Moon Guard Robes and I quite like this!

Druidic Helmet of Second sight is a recolour of Tier 2. Spell Fencer's shoulderpads with Gloves of the Shadow's return look quite good together with the Belt of the Netherwalker. The last 2 are quest rewards from the Hunt for Illidan Stormrage. I used Kamui's Crystalline Staff of Wizardry for the weapon, though Void-Warped Oshu'gun Spellstaff is not a bad option either, and would make me look more druidy.

Except for the helm, these are part of the Dreadleather armour recolour (thought there are a chest and legs that can be used instead of the robe).

Think I'll stick with this for a while!


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    1. Yay thanks Luxy! Aza doesn't like my hat but he'll get over it :P

  2. I tried those robes for a while on Phae but was underwhelmed. However, this looks *great* on a Tauren. I especially love that you've paired the moose hat with it! How many transmog sets do you think you have saved? I'm at around a dozen or so (basically, I send out my followers on gold missions to support my disposable fashion habits).

    1. I know it isn't really in line with the topic of your blog Phae but I would love to see all your transmog sets sometime to get some ideas!


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