Family Familiar Finally!

Oh my goodness, I finally finished all the achievements! On Tuesday night Aulier was up and I had 15 minutes to get it down before shutdown. Tuesday was actually a good evening for a whole lot of achievements, which I'll talk about in a separate post.

I have to send a big thank you to Cymre who helped me with one fight that I was struggling with. She has many videos on these pet battles which you can find here. I did the rest of the fights without having to resort to googling strats or teams, so for once I was pretty proud of myself!

So what teams did I use?

My favourite pets to use were Death Adder Hatchling, Spiders (I used Amethyst Spiderling), Feline Familiar and Argi. Death Adder Hatchling is good because it's fast, has a blind so if you time it right you can dodge a big hit, and poisons to whittle away your opponent. Spiders are my favourite all rounder pet because with brittle webbing, poison spit and leech you can keep your health up whilst whittling down your target, and if they're hitting you they are hitting themselves as well. Argi has a self heal as well as a stampede for double damage, or a headbutt you can use instead that will be good for some stuns or hard hits. Argi also has good attacks against undead targets. Feline Familiar has darkness which is good against targets that are healing themselves,

I love Crabs and Striders here. Crabs using whirlpool and surge and Striders with Pump and Water jet. I also used Spawn of Gnathus and Tundra Penguin when I needed some extra damage. Magical Crawdad with Wish got me out of a few tight spots! Oh, and Moonshell crab gets a special mention because it has attacks which are strong against flying which are always the bane of an aquatic's existence.

Snails, Rabbits are winners here. I used various combinations of the two and also did use Baneling for extra damage against flying pets.

The trio of Dread Hatchling/Gilnean Raven/Crow with their Darkness/Nocturnal strike is still a good bet against most mobs. Terrible against elementals though, so I would switch to moths with moth dust and cocoon strike. The Falcosaur hatchlings are also quite good with their Falcosaur swarm doing double damage and predatory strikes.

Combinations of Chrominus for Howl bombs and Surge of Power, with Sprite Darter Hatchlings for Life exchange and Emerald Protodrake for self healing seemed to work for most combinations. I did use Dark Whelpling for Tail sweep/Lift off or Infinite Whelpling for Darkflame and Healing Flame sometimes as well.

It's a boring fight when I have to use my Blossoming Ancient and heal myself and do tiny damage to the other team till they die. Ruby Droplet with block and the 2 heals also helped longevity. Corehound Pup with Howl and Burrow had some good moments, but the Pandaren Air spirit was good against water pets. Thundertail flapper with Thunderbolt and Lightning shield was also a good team addition.

Son of Animus is a staple for my mechanical teams, but I have been known to use triple Lil' XT with Heartbroken/Tympanic Tantrum, though that is an easy combo to break. Lil' Bling was good with Inflation doing double damage and then throwing coins on them with Make it rain. Mechanical Yeti with lightning storm with Ion cannon was good with Lil' Bling.

Unborn Val'kyr, Crawling Claw and Graves were what I used most of the time, but Creepy Crate was a good substitute. Curse of Doom, agony and swapping the toons helped take down a lot of teams. I also used Giant Bone Spider a few times for Sticky web and Leech life.

Oozelings or Slimelings with their big attacks and heals were good staples, and I also used Gusting Grimoire for some Curse of Dooms and Agony with the Enchanted Broom swapping targets out so they could die in the back row. Magic Lamp with Wish can be useful at times as well. I used Nordrassil Wisp when fast attacking targets were an issue.

Against beasts I was pulling out Grunty for his beast damage attacks, and I also used Murkalot a lot. but I quite like using Lil' Bad wolf for the howl bombs. I would sometimes use Corefire Imp, but not that often. The hardest fight I had was against Master Tamer Flummox where I used Wretched Servant, Lil' Bad wolf and Sister of Temptation (thx Cymre!).

Phew, all that effort for a Nightmare Treant! Bu the little guy is cute :)


  1. Big congrats and great job on getting most of them done yourself! I'm always happy to help another pet battler. :)


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