Lunk Approved World Quests - Kirin Tor World quests

I am the anomaly in my guild - most of my guildies hate the Kirin Tor World quests. I like them because they're a bit different, but the main thing is because they don't require me to kill things. As I've said before (hence why Lunk is my hero) I don't particularly enjoy killing things if I don't have to, and I think it would be AWESOME if quests had non aggressive options to completion. But that would take a lot of work from Blizzard's end, but I would love to have that option.

Barrels o' Fun is actually fun because I get the kids to watch it with me and we play guess which one is the right barrel. It teaches them how to follow an object and pay attention, so it can't be that terrible. Yeah so what if you get it wrong sometimes! I saw that Kyxyn had an addon from one of his world quest addons that marks the barrel for you so it's even easier! (I think it was World Quest List addon)

I know those crystal and bubble movement ones can be a bit of a pain, but after my first struggles with them (and of course, Splatz coming along to make fun of me by finishing it first go whilst I was on my billionth attempt) I actually quite like them now that I got the hang of it. My main difficulty was negotiating through those white barriers - I didn't know if I was supposed to jump over them or shoot through them at first! Anyway, now that I've got the hang of it, I always go do them, even if Kirin Tor is not the emissary.

Someone told me that they didn't like those puzzle boxes with the squares to step on. I love that one! If you're really struggling you can always take a screenshot! I just remember numbers 4, 3, 5, 3 as each turn will always be 90 degrees and moving forward anyway, it will eventually get you there.

The other quest I ALWAYS do is the Aw, Nuts! Another easy non killing quest and even though I've done it every time, I still roll my eyes at

"That squirrel invasion was nuts. Get it?"

LOL! That Celestine of the Harvest and her cute Gilnean accent!