Weird things about PvP in Legion that I don't get

Today I was in one of the Warden towers, and I used my whistle and I realised I was INSIDE the tower at the top. I am pretty sure that I used to have to be on the balcony at the top to use whistle. When did that change?? Maybe that was with the patch.

And here's another thing. I have a Fearless Gladiator's Badge of Dominance, but the on use ability doesn't work in battlegrounds. WHY? It's a PvP item! I mean I understand the PvE stuff not proccing (equip procs) like the shields from Vial of Nightmare Fog. Then what is the point of the trinket!?

Oh, and those hatchling quests - and this is at least a bonus thing - when you have to do the quest to do 3 PvP world quests with your hatchling out, you actually only have to do 1, and then the quest completes. Weird. I thought that might be fixed with 7.1.5 coming out, but no, it's still doing it.

Another thing, is that Kyxyn and I have been playing with the Fire-Watcher's Oath and the Ivory Talon (those PvP things) and the debuff you get which means you yield no Marks of Prey but for some reason doesn't show the "Sacrificed to Ordos" debuff, but it should. I guess the honourless target (or whatever the debuff is called) means both, even though it just specifies the Marks of Prey. Also, you can't be in a party when you're killing the other player if you're kill trading. BUT, when you reform the party, and the other player releases, you can rez them. But you can't rez them when you're not in a party, and even when you rez them, they're still hostile to you. WEIRD, and sounds like that shouldn't happen... but it does!

And skirmishes... WHY do they have a requeue button as well as a leave arena button! When I'm in a party that inevitably means someone will leave and not get a queue. Yes, yes, I am frequently the culprit of that. We have done that so many times....