Wand of Simulated Life

I was doing something with Lushen - maybe it was a dungeon - and I saw he had a sheep out, named Simulacrum.

"What's that pet?" I asked. I didn't have that in my pet journal.

He linked me a toy, Wand of Simulated Life, which he said he got upstairs from the Inn in Dalaran. The wand was on the table and there were clickable crystals which we clicked but nothing happened. However, those crystals DO have a purpose!

If you click the crystals to activate them, they glow (similar to those orbs you click for the Kosumoth attunement). Then when you use the wand, it summons a Simulacra and depending on what crystals you click, it changes the colour!

No crystals - Black
All crystals - White
Red crystal - red (duh)
Green crystal - green
Blue crystal - blue
Red and green - yellow
Blue and red - purple

Don't you love Dalaran and the cool little things you can find? If you haven't got it yet, go add it to your toy collection :)


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  2. Someone in our guild showed us this a while back .. you can get a variety of pet models depending on what you have in your bags. For example if you have some dragonscale, you get the relevant coloured whelpling ... there's a few others mentioned in the comments section of the wowhead entry: http://www.wowhead.com/item=143534/wand-of-simulated-life#comments

    1. urgh .. I gave up trying to log in using my normal wordpress .. i was just going round in circles.


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