Raiding - Hell yeah!

Stepping back into ToV this week, and I did feel very rusty. In fact, I wasn't the only one. Kyxyn was a bit distracted on Wednesday but by Thursday he was back to his old self with raid leading.

We had quite a good turnout on Wednesday and Thursday. Helya was rough at first as we had to remember what we had to do in the fight and then we were a little bit higglety pigglety over phase 3. We made a couple of changes - one of which was to make Helya vomit straight down the middle instead of off to one side - but the rest of the strat needed tidying.  We started making good progress on the final fights of the night getting her to less than 20% - a good omen for Thursday!

So Thursday came around but Koda couldn't raid so I had to drag poor Amelior to come and heal. Phase 1 and 2 were nice and clean but phase 3 was just... poop everywhere. We were down to only half the raid in the final 3% and Jassa was being encouraging by yelling "You got this guys!" but I was thinking "Don't jinx us, Jassa!"

But he was right, and we got it.

Gosh that felt good! Some nice loots went out and I was wishing I had Ward's belt and he was wishing he got my Leg armour! But unfortunately we couldn't trade them because they were both items that were higher item level than what we already had on.

Off to Heroic Emerald Nightmare after that and we managed to knock all that over by 11pm. I even got to 2 heal a few fights which were rather rough! Nerd scored a legendary and then logged off LOL - either he was lucky he stayed that long, or he figured he'd gotten what he needed then left :P

It was a good night overall, and it was highly satisfying to be 3/3H! Yay Frostwolves!