Raiding - And that's the last time we do ToV!

Next week it's Nighthold! So this week was the last time we would be stepping into Trial of Valour. A big sigh of relief probably going around when we hear that!

We were suspiciously short of healers on Wednesday so we started off doing heroic EN and the first two bosses of ToV, leaving Helya for Thursday.

Thursday was the opposite - only 1 shadow priest and a bevy of healers! I had to beg Jassa to get on and when he did join the raid we had someone else to soak those tentacles at the back and we got it down a lot cleaner than our previous attempt!

I forgot that 880 loot goes out with Helya and there were a lot of shinies distributed to various raid members. It was nice to have a short raid week and catch up on other things.

Next week, however, it's back in full swing again. I had to tell people that they need to be up to date with their flask contributions and we have a ton of herbs to be made into flasks as well so we're good for a while (thanks Nabe!)

I was wondering whether we would be raiding 3 nights of heroic again since I had quite enjoyed this 2 nights a week of raiding, and perhaps whilst we're just starting we might start with 2 but as we get more bosses down we might need more nights. We'll see. I also want to get the Sunday normal runs started again, so we can get some of our casual players to see content.

And I swear, since patch on Tuesday, I have doubled my number of Curious coins.... Fascinating how much the patch boosted it!