Lost Hippogryph for me!

I made a post ages ago about Helldivider/Galestion and the Lost Hippogryph but I was wrong - it was Mysz who got the first one!

Since then lots of other guildies have theirs, including Crooked. I also made friends with a druid on our server, Bahamut, who is an avid collector and he encouraged me to look for crystals and said he'd help me because he'd helped his friends get the mount too.

I haven't seen many crystals since then, but I wasn't really looking. But on Sunday, HK was on his priest and asked me to help him with Tharillon's Fall, so he could get rank 3 Starlight Rose. In that cave where he had to kill that withered dude, I saw a crystal!

I thought, ok I'll go look for crystals. I told Crooked and he kindly said he'd help me look. I found one more out in the open near some Llothien prowlers (and I had seen a crystal there before). I pulled up Euphyley's map to see her pathing route from her extensive post about the Lost Hippogryph.

Crooky was great, and he found the other 3 crystals for me. One was in a cave on the east side, another was on a rock near the ocean, and the last one was up near Nor'danil Wellspring. I was super excited as I approached that last crystal, as I had seen someone else running around looking for crystals!

Yay! I got my mount! Now I need to make a nice pink transmog to go with it :D

And I got in just in time. At least 15 mins before 9pm on Sunday.


  1. Grats!
    That's such a pretty mount.
    I've seen the crystals a couple of times, but never when I've been in a mood to drop whatever else I was doing and chase after them... *sigh*

    1. They are time consuming! I admit I have little patience and I was lucky I had help so I could do it in less than an hour!


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