Guildies - Canberra meetup

When I went home for Christmas I managed to catch up with my Canberra guildies for quick separate meetups! A shame everyone couldn't be there at the same time but at least I managed to see them.

First up on the 23rd December, HK and I picked up Sev and we went to our usual chocolate hangout, Koko Black, and waited for Jassaray. He had some free time before he was off to see Rogue One so he joined us for a quick drink at Koko Black then accompanied us to Jamie's Italian next door as we tried to find food to eat.

After Jassaray left, Celaena had finished work and met up with us afterwards so she was too late to hang out with Jassaray but at least she made it before we finished our meal! We gave her some leftover garlic bread and other snacks to eat before she went to do some last minute Christmas shopping.

On Boxing Day I caught up with Nerd and Dil as I took a break after my super early start at the Boxing Day sales (I was on the ground at 645am ready to shop!). We had breakfast at Cream, which was an all day brekky/coffee place close to the shops (actually quite close to Koko Black!). I didn't take a selfie because Dil is quite a shy person (I had met him in Sydney a few weeks earlier and he told me that I was the first person from the game that he had met) and I couldn't imagine he would like having his photo taken. Maybe after a few more times meeting him he might be ok! Nerd was not shy at all and it was good to put faces to the people I play with. Nerd, Jassa and Dil tend to use real names, but even I introduced myself to Nerd's wife as Navi because I'm used to being known for my toon name (more names to remember, who needs that anyway).

Next meetup! Maybe Brisbane?