A Frostwolves Tribute to Kyxyn

At 9pm server on Sunday 29 January, we remembered our dear raid leader.

It was a good turnout, we even managed to get Tout on (our former guild leader) and he joined the raid from Dath'remar. Moisty, Guns, Amelior, Spoon, Splatz, Falln, Moodin, Aza, Kalandria, Gen, Lushen, Dil, Crooked, Thinto, Tye, Tout, Kath, Jartran, Eurie, Cosima, Akra, Seretis, Ram, Amayeti, Sev, Taxar, Stark, Faith, HK, Volrik, Lokang, Nabe, Ultra and myself all headed out to Argent Tournament grounds in Icecrown.

I had all these grand plans of feasts laid out to spell Xyn's name and a word but it was so time consuming and feast wasting that we just settled on Xyn and each of us stood at a feast. I had asked Splatz as he was the most industrious at these sorts of things to help out and he took it all in stride and even took on the responsibility himself (mostly because he couldn't stand the slightly wonky writing).

We then took a photo of us on Frostwolves, and also some of us on Xyn's fave mount, the Mystic Runesaber.

I gave a little talk on Discord. I mostly talked about how people shouldn't feel that they're not entitled to feel sad because there are others who knew Xyn better or longer. Everyone who felt Xyn's loss meant that they had a connection to him, and if Xyn knew how much he meant to us all he would have been really touched. I said that we are a guild and we will get through it together, as we are all here for each other.

People thanked me afterwards for organising this, for organising everything. I'm glad that it helped people feel like they could be together to remember the man we all respected. If Xyn could see, he would probably be moved to tears. But he would never tell you or I that.

Mauly and Zandru were sad they couldn't make the memorial, but I told them their thoughts were with us in spirit.

We'll never forget you, Xyn! I know how much the guild meant to you, and now you know how much you meant to us.


  1. I'm sorry for your loss.

    But please pray this screenshot doesn't reach players of Slavic countries who use cyrillic alphabet (from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and CIS countries).
    ХУЙ in most Slavic languages is an extremely offensive word (translated as "dick" or "cock"), and despite cyrillic "И" and Latin "N" are a bit different, the text reads exactly like that to us.

    I don't think you'd like this grand gesture turn into mockery. You may delete my comment in the blog ofc, my goal is to deliver the warning.

    1. Thanks Gnomecore. I did not know that though I think Kyxyn would be surprised to know his name abbreviation was a rude word!

      Hopefully nobody will take offence add it was not the intention and it is not in Slavic language. As long as you aren't offended then it's ok. Most people can just avoid the post. I guess it's like the Chinese word Fuk. Looks bad almost. But it's a name and merely unfortunate.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. It won't be taken as an offence. It just looks like a great lot of players gathered to write a curse word, and things like that tend to go viral :)

  2. I'm glad that so many of the guild were able to turn out for the tribute. That's a sweet thing.

  3. The moment your level boosted Horde toon doesn't have a wolf mount :P Nice to see the screenshots tho, turned out really well.

    1. TY Emmu! Don't worry, it used to be a guild requirement to have one - but those were in the days before I was the GM :D


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