2016 - A Year in Review

2016 gone already! Here are my top 5 best things about 2016 in my World of Warcraft.

😊1 - Legion

The release of Legion in September was met with much excitement and I fully admit that this expansion is a hit. I love how 5 man content is relevant again, and that the pacing of content seems to be good in these early raid tiers. I have been enjoying the Suramar quest lines and how they released it week by week so we could all keep current with it (not rush it early and forget all about it before Nighthold). And there is so much to do!

😊2 - Blizzcon

It was my second Blizzcon and it was a massive splurge on my part because not only did we go the the Benefit dinner, I helped sponsor Con before the Storm, and of course spend ridiculous amounts of money on food. Lots of guildies going to Blizzcon was awesome, but because there was little WoW news, it wasn't as memorable as the first one, but still I had a great time.

😊3 - Warcraft Movie

So many people thought it was crap but I enjoyed it, and I liked seeing the game I spend so much tme with on the big screen. What's not to love about seeing FROSTWOLVES up close and personal - Durotan, Draka and baby Go'el!

😊4 - New Guildies

We have had some great additions to the guild this year. Neuro, Moisty, Fielsa, Naesca, Genowen, Ram, Dilandach, Nerd, Jassaray, Eurie, Amelior, Ward, Wolf, Fox, Spoon all joined as raiders and have boosted our raid team considerably. Granted, we have a casual feel and so some of them may not be on all the time, but at least we've got enough to raid comfortably. We also have a lot of casual players in the guild who are quite happy with how the guild is run, and make the guild feel full and constantly busy.

😊#5 - Proven Healer

Ok, this is lame but it was great for me. For how many years have I been a total failure at trying to do it and then have everyone and their dog give me advice on how to be less lame. Anyway, this year, after trying to do it for more than 2 years I got it, and I have no idea why I was struggling on it in the first place. Embarrassing. But it's done and that was a great thing for me this year.

Looking forward to a 2017 that's filled with just as much cool stuff! Happy new year everyone!


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