Why I should have done my Guardian weapon before!

I got my fourth golden trait and the amount of AP to put into the healing weapon for a measly extra 1% increase in healing seems ridiculous, so I thought I would put my AP into something else. LIke my Scythe of Elune! Or... finish off my guardian weapon.

Firstly, I'll tell you know I am a lousy bear. I couldn't do the trials as bear, I had to do them as boomkin and resto because I was overwhelmed! I could use the excuse of being on my Surface Pro on 4g as the reason why I was so lame, but it probably has more to do with me not being a very good player.

However, I wish I'd done it before because it showed me what happened to Ursoc!

First we have to go find Ursol, Ursoc's brother, and then we go into the Emerald Dream to find Ursoc.

And we recover a whole bunch of things, then do trials to test our Bear-worthiness, adn then Lea Stonepaw says let's go find the Claws of Ursoc in the Emerald Dream! However, when we get there, there are nightmare forces assaulting Ursoc.

We fend them off but there are even more coming!

But there are wards protecting the claws, and Lea has to cast a complex spell to take down the barriers, except just as she does so, disaster strikes...

Lea Stonepaw: It is finished!
Spirit of Ursoc yells: Hold Guardian, I feel a great chill deep in my spirit....
Shade of Xavius yells: Foolish Bear! You've fallen for my trap!

Xavius traps me and Lea in thorns, stunning and immobilising us.  Oh no!

Spirit of Ursoc yells: What is this sorcery!? When I get free, I'll tear out your throat, Xavius!
Shade of Xavius yells: No, Ursoc. When next you bare your fangs, it will be at my command!

LOL, you can see I did a real bang up job healing Mylune. She was annoying me anyway.
And so, Xavius takes Ursoc. And that is how Ursoc came to be in the Emerald Nightmare. One of Xavius' minions takes the claws and I fight him for it - that was the easy part - and now the Claws are MINE!

So now I am have my Claws of Ursoc! With Kyxyn dropping Sunday raids next year, perhaps it's a good time for me to try my hand at tanking! And since I am now on 7200% artifact knowledge gain, one of the big AP items will unlock tons of talents!


  1. Oh I didn't know this! I've never played bear so I doubt I'll have seen this any time soon. Thank you for sharing it. And BIG congrats on getting your claws! :D

    1. Thanks Cinds! I feel a bit ashamed that I am a druid and missed this very important lore bit regarding the Emerald NIghtmare because I was lazy!


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