Silly broken world quests!

Early this week there was some stuff up with Kirin Tor Emissary - apparently people were not getting credit for completion of quests. So they did something to it so you autocompleted it when you logged in. However, my issue is that I couldn't see any Kirin Tor world quests on the map, I just happened to walk on top of them and they popped up.

Now those weren't the only world quests that went awry.

I have not been able to see PvP quests for a few days now. I can see them when I log into the mobile app, but when I get into game they're not there! We did an active search for them last Friday, walking to the areas where they normally are and got a few to pop up, but it's still not working today. Not an issue for those who didn't do much PvP but I still am trying to get my prestiges thank you! So I log off from game, open the mobile app to find the world quests, write it down then log back in. Such a nuisance!

Speaking of Kirin Tor quests, I've noticed you either like them or hate them. I did have difficulty with those bubble ones that were relatively new a week or two ago - where you have to do jump boosts to get to bubbles and then get thrown in the air - but now that I've got the hang of it, I quite like them. The maze ones and the ley lines ones are always relatively low stress and easy, but they have a new clam shell/barrel watching one which can be a bit of a doozy! I actually just random clicked that one and somehow it completed!

Oh and there was that world boss that people couldn't get to trigger in Val'sharah. It was near the Emerald Nightmare somewhere. I bet there are many people who killed that boss multiple times but could not get the world quest to register!

Hopefully after maintenance on Tuesday the quests will be fixed. Fingers crossed!


  1. You're not using the World Quest addon, are you? Because that can filter out quests based on faction or type. Might have accidentally toggled PvP off as well as KT.

    1. You don't have to have PvP toggled on or off to see the WQ. And I must be the only person who doesn't use the World Quest addon... so it can't be that!

  2. If you are struggling with the barrel KT daily, I've found that it is much easier if you stand back as far as possible and also tilt your camera to a certain angle (for me, the angle I like is sort of slanted down from above). This also works very well with the Neltharion's Lair boss.

    1. Thanks! I wasn't struggling exactly - small screen doesn't help - but I know lots of others who were. Thanks for the tip!


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