RAOK - Heliosus in Dalaran

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. - Aesop

I was standing in Dalaran and in the trade chat there was someone asking for some assistance with the pet battle world quest. It was Fight Night: Heliosus and the person was having difficulty defeating it.

There were plenty of comments in trade chat using pets that the person didn't have. I hadn't done the battle yet, but I went to their armory to look at their pets and then whispered them and said to them which pets to use.

They tried my combo but was unable to beat Heliosus, so I got the same pets out, worked out a strategy and whispered the exact steps back to them.

And, they were successful!

I told them to whisper me any time if they wanted help with any pet battles, and they haven't whispered me since, but I have run across him/her in Dalaran a few times and they remembered me from the pet battle. Aww :D

What was your random act of kindness this week?