Raiding - Yay Odyn down!

The debate between mythic EN and heroic ToV is still valid - there isn't much good loot from there, and it's more like a filler raid whilst everyone waits for Nighthold. But, it's new, and we can do it on heroic and we can go with our merry band of 15-25 Frostwolves (numbers depending!) and get some work done!

We had some good progress on it last week, at least we SAW Phase 3 once! We were struggling when we first did it because soaking of the shield wasn't happening, people weren't spread out, we were going OOM.. and we had a number of people not doing mechanics which made it harder for everyone.

A number of people have felt that ToV is not worth doing so they have decided (and I encouraged) them to not attend the raids rather than do stuff which makes them unhappy or bored. So ToV attendance has ranged between 15-20 and it's actually not too bad. However, we seem to have a surplus of healers... again. Where were all those guys on Sunday?? Only 2 main healers turned up for Sunday raid and it was bloody stressful!

Wednesday we did normal ToV irst and we struggled a lot on Helya. I was feeling rather dubious about trying to do heroic ToV after the crappy Helya normal, but we went ahead and did it, regardless. And it was actually very good! We got to Phase 3 consistently and towards the end of the night we had a wipe where it was the best we had ever done and people were feeling more like we can do this.

So on Thursday we had a slightly different makeup - this time Amayeti was there, and Ward, one of our new players, was not. Duck wasn't there this time, but we had Eurie instead. And Ram was here whereas he had to drop in the last few attempts on Wednesday.

Forcing Ram to DPS made him a bit sad and he did die a bit, but it's difficult going from heals to DPS. Our first attempt of the night went really well and then the subsequent attempts seemed to regress. We had 2 attempts where we died from the adds not being killed fast enough (which causes a wipe) and then we had a small discussion on it and that was solved. We were doing better with avoiding having any shields being thrown out by Hyrja on Wednesday, whereas on Thursday a shield will still get thrown out (if you DPS her down fast enough she won't have time to cast a shield). Healer cooldowns were good, and we used them quite regularly.

In the kill attempt, everything was going really well. We had most people up but we often had issues with people positioning their cyclones (and themselves) poorly because they were getting hit with the consecrated ground - I was often one of those guilty of it. I am surprised there is no DBM warning screaming at me saying I'm standing in bad!

Anyway, I was getting excited, only a couple % to go and most people were still up and I had a last minute tranq because I was SO out of mana and it carried us through till the kill. Woo!

What a crappy picture. It's hard to get a good angle when Odyn is so big. And I should have removed that marker!

Then we had a crack at Guarm, which seemed a lot more doable than Odyn. Just need to make sure nobody dies early because it felt like a DPS check!

Grats Frostwolves!!

Edit: I noticed there was a nerf to Odyn! I wonder if that was active yesterday?


  1. From what I can tell the nerf came out after our kill

    1. Yay us! Maybe it will be even easier this week.

  2. Congrats Navie!
    I would kill for filler raids on XIV! Our final "hard" raiding tier (Creator Savage) was such a joke that anyone serious about progression has been farming it for over a month now and we have nothing left until summer 2017, yikes! When all you truly enjoy is end-game, it's pretty disheartening!

    Gotta admit, thanks to you sharing your adventures, I found myself reactivating WoW! So thank you for always sharing! I'll be cheering you guild on!


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