Raiding - Last raid before Winter Veil

With Xyn away I put the fear of Navi into everyone by telling them I might be tanking. Suddenly there was no shortage of volunteers to tank, because I am really, a terrible tank! Fox

As it was, I was also enjoying a free pizza at HK's place and I decided to raid from there rather than go home. So I was not on my computer and I was furiously updating addons and trying to get my binds sorted (which is hard when they're all bound to my 12 button mouse so I had to make some adjustments going to a 5 button mouse). Of course I forgot to update Exorsus so everyone is whispering "inv" to me, but nothing is happening.

And without 2 monitors I found it hard to do AMR loot so I made HK do it. I'm such a back seat looter, watching him loot is like watching paint dry. It was similar to when we go out to a restaurant to order - HK is always the last one to figure out what he wants, and even after 10 minutes he'd be the one who still doesn't know what he wants.

I started off DPSing for lols since we had too many healers but I switched back as latecomers started to arrive. The biggest hiccup we had was on dragons when Fox lost power so we had Nerd tank but he has always had difficulty hearing HK so the swaps were not great with us getting to 10 stacks. Fox came back soon after and then died near the end. So one of the easiest fights turned out to be one of the messiest, but the rest of the evening went fine and we were done well before 1030pm.

Some loot went out! But alas, no Christmas legendaries :(

One more raid next week, and then hopefully back into a bit of Heroic ToV before Nighthold comes out!