Navispam - A random encounter with Spankyhunter!

PvP Fridays! This week we had heaps of people interested in hanging out. We had Gal and Anna hang for a bit before Shab and Sev got on, and even Neuro joined in the action. We were in an Eye of the Storm and a hunter was talking to me! At first it didn't click who it was, and I was searching through my Btag to see if it was someone's alt, but then Neuro said "twitter" and I thought OMG silly me, that's Spankyhunter from Twitter!

It was a good game. We won that one quite comfortably.

And lucky us happened to be in the next BG together also! I was just lamenting the fact to Spanky that I hadn't taken a picture with him and now I had the chance! I also got a pic with his partner, Icecoffee - two cute little goblin hunters! Aren't they gorgeous? LOL and I am so envious of that title, the 4 cart capping and the All-star are too hard for me!

I started following Spanky through Cinder and Neuro, as he listens to their podcast regularly. He is very active on Twitter - though I noticed he wasn't raiding much this expansion. I asked him about it and he said due to shift changes at work he was unable to raid till 1130pm and so he and Icecoffee were just PvPing and doing LFR and chasing achievements. Interestingly, he said that he no interest in dungeon content, it was large groups like raids that made the game fun for him! He said to me he thought that was weird, but I told him it wasn't - after all, I hate alts, so to each their own!

Anyway it was a good round of games, fun to see someone I know in a random group event and even Spanky noticed that once we weren't in the same games anymore we started to lose. I guess 7 ppl working together in a BG has its advantages.

Thanks for letting me take a pic of you Spanky, was cool having an accidental Navispam!


  1. Coffee here.
    I love pvp as its different every battle, and so random. Raiding puts me to asleep. If you are losing, well wait 5 mins, its finished. Anytime you want to pvp, just whisper, its always better fun with friends.


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