Mythic plus and my Moonkin hidden appearance

I've been running Dark Heart Thicket when able to try to get the hidden appearance item for moonkin to drop off Archdruid Glaidalis. Every time I do DHT I get a kick out of it because he "talks" to me so much.

"I sense a powerful druid among you. You dare to challenge my authority?!"

And when we have two druids we often wonder who is he going to speak to today! I always feel chuffed when he picks me!

"You are blessed with great restorative powers, druid, but I will rip you all apart in the end!"

There was one time last week when I was pugging it on heroic and there was another druid there (a moonkin), and he was also trying to get the hidden appearance and we both missed out. To get the hidden appearance you have to get a drop from Glaidalis - Pure Drop of Shaladrassil's sap - and combine it with Seed of Solar Fire (which you buy from the Dreamweaver's Emissary when you are exalted) to make The Sunbloom. You can loot it in other specs if you have the weapon, fortunately, because I have no desire to do mythics as moonkin!

"Your power burns... How have you twisted the Scythe of Elune to obey your will?"

I had been bummed because I thought that you could only get the drop when you do heroic or regular mythic, and you can only do mythic once a week. However, you can also get it in Mythic plus! I didn't know this or I would have done more DHT in mythic plus!

Last night we were doing Darkheart Thicket +9 (excitement! our group's first +9!) and at the end Sars said to me "Navi what's that thing?"
"What thing?" I replied.
"You got a different loot, is that a quest?"
I looked and squealed in delight. It was the Pure drop of Shaladrassil's sap!

I went back to Dreamgrove to look at my new appearance - did you know you can't use the item when shapeshifted, so I had to drop moonkin form to be in humanoid and THEN use it - and it's a fiery scythe. Looks kinda cool!

Yay! That's three hidden appearances! I guess I'd better get my ass in gear and get that bear weapon....


  1. oooh congratulations on the hidden appearance!! It looks REALLY awesome!
    I'm still waiting to get mine for resto shaman. Hoping some day soon!

    1. TY Cinds! I feel lucky with my hidden appearances, just not so lucky with legendaries :P

  2. Grats on getting another Hidden appearance!
    That's one that I'll be trying for, too -- though only at the Heroic level, not at Mythic :P

    1. You can get it on normal too Kam! Even more chances :D

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