Minipost: I want these shoes!

Look at this! Shoes that you can actually see on a Tauren!

They drop from Guarm in ToV, so I shall keep an extra lookout for them! In fact, I'm going to try to roll them JUST for the appearance. It will be fun having shoes that I can actually see!


  1. They kind of look like horse shoes on steroids.

  2. Oh, wow, those are pretty awesome!
    Do they drop in the LFR version of ToV, too? Hmm, I might have to take my Druid there eventually, then... maybe later on in the expansion when everyone else will be all geared out and can carry me :P

    1. Yes they drop in LFR too! Now I have a reason to do LFR LOL!

  3. Oooh that look AWESOME!!! *fingers crossed* you get them soon!


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