I tanked an LFR! Should I tank Heroic EN tonight?

I keep getting titanforged 880 versatility/mastery drops, which sounded like a hint I was supposed to go bear. So, with much encouragement from Kyxyn, we went together to LFR to tank. He gave me his weak auras and this funny Ursoc one which scares the crap out of me because it goes "BAA!" at me when I need to taunt.

I didn't have to do much, he did all the work and all I had to do was keep my rotation going and hit and taunt things. But we made it through, I didn't die and I felt a bit better.

That BAA is weird, it activates even when I am pet battling!

Now this week Kyxyn is away so who will tank? Last week we had Nerd tanking a bit and he is a good tank but maybe it will be more fun and relaxing for him to just heal. So I told HK the good news (and he is thrilled - NOT) about me MAYBE tanking so we'll see how far I can make it before everyone is moaning and groaning with despair.

I also have felt a bit more confident with mythic pluses, and was excited to do my first +11 this week. I had a go at Sev because we were doing Arcway and he likes to enslave demons which are great for buffing his damage, but he has to not die to things! The first time he died on a boss fight it was fine, I rezzed him and he took control of his demon again. However, the next boss that he died in, there were no battle rezzes available so we had to kill his demon and 4 man it. However, because that mob was not part of the boss mobs, it ended up bolstering the boss so I was quite put out having to churn through a boss with an extra health and damage. Mana was so screwed!

I didn't want to waste my key this week so I practically forced Ram, Gen and Koda to get on and do my key with me. Even though I don't play on Tuesdays!

After today my family will be away visiting my in-laws for Christmas, which made me a bit sad. However, there is always a bright side, which means I now have uninterrupted game time all day/all night so I wonder what things I can get done during this down time period!


  1. Did you do it?
    I am still trying to muster the courage to tank lfr :-s

    1. I didn't tank heroic EN but I did tank the LFR with Kyxyn. We did go in with our own healer and DPS as well so I wasn't going to die even with my lame tanking!


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