A 4th Legendary - too much to choose!

I got my 4th legendary from my mythic cache in my class hall this week - and though I had chosen Balance as my loot spec, this boomkin loot is actually really good for how I play resto!

I tested it and that is a WHOPPING heal! A free regrowth that is 600% normal and instant?? So I was playing with it and it does a 1 million heal on it's own without mastery, but it crits for 2-3 million! I even had a lovely 4 million crit when trying it on my moonkin!

So all those times I wrath spam when there is no healing to do, now there is a good reason for it. Even just one cast of wrath will boost it for 30% so it will be a really good thing. And great for mythic plus!

So I was looking forward to playing with my new shiny in raid and mythic plus. I had been playing with training dummies.

So on Wednesday I was mostly bumming around wrathing, but there wasn't much use for it. I found it really hard to ignore the clearcast as I was saving it as a just-in-case instant for someone who was really low. With so many healers in raid on Wednesday, didn't get much of a chance for that.

However, it was much better for Mythic plus. I may not have much time to wrath but I do cast wrath a lot in Mythic plus and every boost to Regrowth is a plus. With necrotic stacking on the tank you couldn't see my big heal shine, but I did use it and it was definitely nice to have as a free boost to Regrowth.

Yay me!