What was it like being an Australian in USA on Election day?

Before I left for the US for Blizzcon, I realised that I would be there for the election, which was on November 8th. It was a historic election, I thought, and I did feel a little nervous as there would be a lot of unrest regardless of which candidate was chosen as there was so much vitriol from supporters on either side. It's a little bit like vaccination vs non vaccinators, the natural deliveries vs the caesarean sections, public school vs private school. People on either side of the argument are so convinced that they are right that they actually can come to blows and violence over the differences in opinion. And, this is America. People there carry guns and stuff. Like, legally. And that is bloody scary already.

However, election day rolled around and I was in Las Vegas. In the city where everyone was too busy partying, doing their tourist thing, gambling, eating, hens and buck's nights - where the election was hardly even noticeable except for the American flag colours on the hotels during election day, and the news coverage in the evenings. I have seen lead ups to the election in Asian countries where cars with massive signs go up and down the streets and people throw "gifts" out into the crowd saying "support our party" with packs of printed facial tissues (you're not allowed to throw red packets - which typically contain money) and there is a lot of noise, lots of posters. Didn't see any of that in the US, and the only cars going up and down the strip advertising where those "Looking for girls? Call this number!" with some scantily clad blonde female eyeing you suggestively on the billboard.

I was thinking I'd take home some "Vote for Trump" or "Vote for Hillary" pins or flyers home as souvenirs, but I actually had to go buy those things, so I bought a magnet of each. I should have brought more home, in hindsight, as people saw them and wanted them.

I feel lucky, after arriving home that I avoided any sort of incident, especially when hearing that there were shootings at polling booths in California, protests in the street of New York, and #notmypresident trending on all social media. People are angry. People are afraid. To some, it feels like the end of the world as they know it. However, the people have spoken and we live in a democratic society. This is the result of a democracy - sometimes there are decisions made that you don't like.

I am not a Trump supporter, but now that he has been elected, there isn't much you can do except to be the better person. Don't become a violent protester! Don't throw hateful language around at those who hold a different opinion to you! If even Anduin Wrynn can give Garrosh the benefit of the doubt and give him a chance, then shouldn't we do the same for President Trump? I won't lie, I am more afraid now of entering the United States (and was anxious when I was departing), but my concerns must be miniscule compared to the muslims, homosexuals and other minority groups who may feel like they are now some sort of open target for abuse and slander. Though, I am wondering if all the brash empty promises he made to get the people to vote for him were all just... hot air, to get heard, get publicity and to get elected.

Be the better person! Be kind, be understanding. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, their vote. Your voice is worth the same as everyone else's no matter your race, gender, religion or educational status. Respect your fellow Americans - and stop the cycle of abuse and hatred, on both sides.


  1. Well, yeah, but you see how that Garrosh thing turned out. And while a band of 25 doughty raiders going up against the Final Boss version of Trump tickles me, I don't think it'll happen. So I'm looking out for my crew.

    1. I agree that it turned out that bad apples are still bad apples no matter how hard you try to turn them into an apple pie. But I don't feel like I've done the right thing unless I've given someone a chance to redeem themselves. But they only get once chance!


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