The Daily Frostwolf is going to Blizzcon again!

So exciting! Flying out to Blizzcon tomorrow!

It's going to be an exciting year as we have so many guildies going to Blizzcon. HK and I are going, as well as Shab and Sev - that was the original plan last year. But Exray, Aza, Ultra are also going, as well as Neri and Disco - it's going to be awesome with so many Frostwolves going! Xarek is making a special appearance as well, flying all the way from Seattle just to see us for one night - he's not even going to Blizzcon.

I've decided to make myself easy to find by wearing something outrageous on my head. I have a faux Wolfhead pelt that I'm going to wear, Durotan style! After all, I am a leader of Frostwolves too right? However, I am not going to dress up any more than that - I am too lazy to make a costume.

This time I also have some momentos to give away! I have some Navimie pins to give away to everyone I meet at Blizzcon - and my poor guildies are being forced to wear them too!

Yes, they are little badges of my Navispam sticker! Except they say "I've been Navispammed" instead of "You've been Navispammed". They have even been given the Tome of the Ancient tick of approval!

The other thing I have to do is meet up with all my Twitter/Blog/Game friends and the list is rather long! Hopefully I will have enough time to catch up with all of them.

My next post will be from Anaheim, so I'll see you all then!