/sit on Druid Travel form is now a THING

I had multiple tells about it and so I had to go see for myself - you know how when you had a cat vanity pet out and you typed /sit it would go and sit on your lap?

Well now in druid travel form it sits on your back!

I tried it at first and it wasn't working but I realised you have to target the pet and then type /sit. It doesn't work when I just sit down with a hotkey either.

And yes, Ancient, that pet is named after you!


  1. Ha! It is! Cat was so disappointed as when she tried it it didn't work. Read some more and found it only works if you're Tauren. So Cat's Tauren cousin will get to do it and she'll have to be happy with a screenshot!

    1. Oh only if you're a tauren? Well lucky for me then I guess! My sincerest apologies to worgen, night elves and trolls! I am sure they will fix that in the future.


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