Sevrus the Witty Warlock

Sev posted in the forums the other day and impressed some people with his wittiness! I'm pleased to see that he is being more appreciated than in just his own little guild :P

Specula said:
You know the ones. That act like they've become unstoppable gods because they drank the Legion branded Kool-Aid ( Aka demon blood ).

"Let me show you the power the Legion has given me!"
Am I the only Warlock who just lets out a heavy sigh of disappointment from hearing these kinds of statements for the ten billionth time before showing these wannabe tryhards how2Warlock? Usually by setting my demon dogs on them or launching a destro ggez bolt into their face?

Frankly, I kind of wished that one of these idiots would charge forward, get absolutely ruined and the others would flee in terror as they were inflicted with unstable affliction or being cleaved in half at the waist by a Felguard as they ran screaming for their lives.
To which Sevrus replied:

Eh, it's understandable some second-raters can't handle their Demon juice, I regard it as NPC evolution in action.

The ones who irritate me are the Demon Hunters with their "I've sacrificed EVERYTHING" claims. I mean ... seriously? Warlocks are all about the sacrificing - day in, day out we sacrifice murlocs, trolls, gnomes, small furry creatures from Northrend ... and do we walk around boasting about it? Do we wander into the local general chat at the end of the day, put our feet up, and start blathering about how we've sacrificed literally everything today? No, we get on out there, and we keep sacrificing people. Who do the DH's think they're kidding?

Don't get me wrong though, they're not the only ones. Paladins for instance ... I remember hearing Fordring talk about the 'valiant sacrifice' of a squad of his brethren in Northrend, and y'know - I was pretty impressed at first. I mean, that's some genuine sacrificing right there. But it turns out he was talking about them getting wiped out by the forces of the Lich King in some pass. Now to be fair, I give the Necromancers of the Scourge full credit for being pro sacrificers, and I'm sure they did a great job extracting and enslaving the souls of those paladins. But Tirion boasting about it? That's like having a plumber fix your sink and then inviting all your friends over to see what a pro-handyman you are.

It makes you shake your head sometimes as a warlock - just can't help but feel these guys are completely missing the point
Well said, Sev.