Raiding - Trial of Valor

After struggling on heroic Trial of Valour we thought it would be good to step back and do normal. And even then it wasn't quite a cake walk and I'm still not sure I understand ALL the mechanics but I'm slowly getting there.

We've attempted Odyn on heroic and still haven't got it down, and I hadn't seen phase 3 before so I was total goof and died in some shiny stuff on the ground that I clearly wasn't supposed to be standing in. In normal it was way easier - in fact the shield thing hardly seemed to hurt anyone - and it was overall a lot more forgiving than heroic, which is as expected.

After that is Guarm who is a 3 headed dog guarding the way to Helya. Clearly, a cross between Garm(r) from Norse mythology who is a wolf/dog that guards the gates to Hel, and Cerberus who is the 3 headed dog from Greek mythology that guards the gates to Hades (the underworld).

Well, it's embarrassing because I didn't watch any videos just read the dungeon journal and I died when Guarm did the trample up and down the room - which is SO easy to avoid by the way - butI felt like an absolute dimwit dying to it. It didn't seem too terrible though, melee stayed at melee and ranged stayed at ranged and that was the end of that.

Helya was a little bit more challenging with so much going on. I like Helya, she looks amazing! I hate to think how it would be on heroic!

There was stuff to take out of raid, and things to dispel on raid members which do a little bit of aoe damage as well (much like the ones you dispel on the Helya fight in Maw of Souls). Then there was a whole lot of adds and everyone was running all over the place and I kept having DBM screaming at me about rot (which we have to take away from the raid) and there was all this toxic seaweed on the ground from adds dying which I didn't quite realise where it came from. And then these waves were shoving us around which was bloody annoying too. I don't know how we did it when it seemed like chaos, but we did it and that was normal ToV done!

There were some loots that were useful to people, but I think the offputting part was that gear from normal ToV was lower ilvl than that of heroic EN and so it didn't feel like it was worth doing for loot. However, the difficulty of ToV seems to be way harder that what you think it should be for the rewards you get! But perhaps it's one of those things where we just have to figure out this one thing that we're doing wrong and we'll get it.

After raid we told everyone that we were considering dropping to two days a week of heroic raiding. There wasn't a huge lot of outcry (and with December approaching and people being busy with holidays and family commitments we will find that we will struggle to make 20, I think) and I think it was accepted overall. We might even put it into effect from this new raid week!