Raiding - Too much to do! Is it time to cut back?

I felt a bit rusty doing Heroic EN on Thursday night. We had done Myth Nyth on Monday and Wednesday and Wednesday was our first one shot, so it feels good to be slowly getting somewhere. However, I don't enjoy sitting people out! Which is why Heroic ToV is much more fun to do.

Things were a little tense on Wednesday, but hopefully that was a one off, and it will be better on Monday. Officers had a discussion about what we should do and we hopefully have an action plan. I still feel like I'm running around like a headless chook in that fight, being disadvantaged that I haven't seen all phases since the rest of the guild have done it on normal.

Raider attendance has dropped off a lot, and I am hesitant to boost more people up into the heroic sub ranks in case we have more than 30 people attending. At the moment we are sitting on 29, but a few of those have not shown their face since, so I pretty much have wiped them from their heroic spots, even though they still show up on the Flask contribution table. I've got a few more that would like to move up and they will probably get to go in the next Heroic EN.

However, the boost in 5 man content has been making things tight. Karazhan is like doing a raid - it takes longer than a raid night to complete - and I would like to be able to do that more often than ... well ZERO times. I haven't actually had time to finish it!

Then there are the mythic dungeon quests that we keep getting from the mission in the class hall. And also working on mythic plus.

Oh how I wished that we cut it back to 2 days of raiding. But we'll need an efficient schedule if we did that.

It appears that I wasn't the only one thinking this. Kyxyn also mentioned it and when the other officers discussed it we were all in agreement that if we went to 2 days of raiding none of us would be sad.

It is also approaching Christmas and we know that every year at this time the raid numbers dwindle as people have exams, holidays, family things and Christmas trade hours we have lower raid numbers. It may be just the right time to cut back. Though, it may be permanent for this expansion.

Which comes to mythic raiding. With so much to do, there isn't really time to do mythic raiding. We're having fun just doing heroic stuff, and that seems to be challenging enough. And it's nice to have fluid numbers in a raid. I don't have to sit people, I don't have to scrounge for people. We can just play and go. So stress free! I'd much rather just dump all mythic raiding.

So say we do this, what should we do on Sunday?

There were a few thoughts. Heroic EN on Sunday instead so we could do prog on other days. Or perhaps Normal ToV so people can see the raid.

It's something to bring up at raid on Monday night and see what the general raiding populace thinks. I suspect that many of them will feel the same way!