Navimie the False Prophet And Coincidental Legendary luck

So I have been dabbling a little bit in the mystic arcane with RNG-esus which has all been a bit of a laugh really, but has some spooky coincidences!

A fortnight ago a battlenet friend who was an ex-guildie lamented to me that they didn't have a Legendary and wanted to know how to get one. I said to him that the reason he didn't have one was because he hadn't said hello to me for AGES and so the RNG gods would not smile on him.  He replied with an OMG and then said HI NAVI and we chatted for a bit. I didn't think much of it.

The next day he whispers me and said "GUESS WHAT! I got a Legendary!"

After that he was asking me every day for a blessing for a 2nd legendary but I said that he couldn't be greedy and to stop asking, since he had already got one.

I related this to Moisty, who also did not have a legendary. He had 2 members of his mythic + team with 3 legendaries and he was still without one and it was bothering him. He liked to pretend that loot didn't matter (and in general he didn't care about loot) but he did feel a bit upset and frustrated about it. I told him the story of my friend and said maybe it would work for him. I said, if he said night night to me every night in game instead of ninja-logging, then he would get a legendary. But he would have to do it for one week and he would have to do all the usual things that get him a legendary (ie dungeons, emissary etc) and not just sit on his ass thinking a legendary will just be handed to him. 

He really took it to heart. Every morning I would get a message from him saying Hi Navi, and every day when he logged of he would say bye or nn. He never forgot. I even told HK about it, thinking it was impressive that Moisty was sticking to it.

On the morning of Day 5, Moisty logged on said hi to me and did his Emissary and BAM! He got a legendary. Boy was he happy! I told HK about it, who was also moping about his no legendary, and I said well you have to be nice to me and you'll get one. "I'm always nice to you!" he said. But he bought me lunch.

That night, the same day Moisty got his legendary, HK got a legendary.

So I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself, thinking I had this cool pretend Midas touch. I was happy everyone was getting legendaries - that is, everyone except Crooked.

Crooked doesn't really care about not having a legendary but he will point out that he hasn't got one. I think it did feel a bit like bad luck for him because everyone around him was getting one. I was playing late last night past midnight and when I finished my Emissary I managed to score another legendary and I was so happy!

Crooked whispered me grats, but it also seemed to serve to remind him that he was still without a legendary! I said to him that I would wish for one for him, and told him that I got mine from the emissary cache. I asked him if he wanted to try the say hi to me every morning trick for good luck and he said he already says hi to me everytime I say hi. I rolled my eyes - boys! - and said that I would like it if he did it of his own accord and message me on Facebook or messenger, but Crooked being a typical boy wasn't being malicious or mean to me by not making my day and saying hi to me first thing in the morning, so I should cut him some slack. I wished super hard that poor Crooked would get a legendary. I thought he deserved one.

Not even 10 minutes later, when Crooked picked up his Emissary Cache, he got a legendary.

I know it's just pure coincidence, but it was pretty funny. And the magic RNG-esus luck has probably run out now, but hell, it makes one heck of a good story.


  1. Guess I should say hi more often lol

  2. You just opened a can of worms Navimie. Be prepared for a flood of hellos and good nights. I need my legendary.

  3. LOL...That is soo freaky..but cool!


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