Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My water strider is broken!

For a while now I have been unable to mount on water with my strider. It works if I walk from land onto the water, but if I'm already in the water it will not jump up on top of the water. Since the patch, I think, when Karazhan came out.

I have tried changing my camera angles, looking up and down, zooming in and out to no avail. I thought it was just me being a bit silly or not doing it properly but now having tried to fix it, I still can't. I tried my red strider and blue strider - still the same!

It just seems to be the water strider. I can get on my fishing raft just fine, and also the walking on water with the fishing pole (most of the time), it just seems to be the water strider.

I have a few theories:

- Navimie has put on weight and is too fat and so the strider cannot skeet on water with that much prime beef

- Navimie's armour is too heavy and the strider cannot skeet on water with all that awesome gear

- Navimie's bags are too full and the strider cannot skeet on water with so many shinies

What would be really cool is if a swimming mount underwater would go as fast as a ground mount on land! That would solve all my problems!


  1. Faithless has this same problem! Cept she's undead, so the weight issue kinda doesn't fit haha

  2. Same here. But if you pop the raft and then summon your strider, it seems to solve the problem. But, yeah, I thinks they broke it...


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