Guildleader chores - We are NOT a mythic guild!

I look back at my blog and think wow, did I really think that we could be?

I said mythic was fun, it was challenging and it has good loot. Yeah, it has all that.

But it is also one big MASSIVE headache that I have decided I can do without. Forever.

What's funny is that Crooked said in WoD that he wasn't interested in mythic but time and time again we had to drag him in to fill numbers. I would try not to ask him because I know he didn't want to, but still we did it. And when we did mythic in Legion after one night he said he doesn't want to do it.

I thought he was being a stick in the mud, but really, it's like he was on to something.

The unpleasant Wednesday raid has just shown me that we can't have our casual cake and eat mythic too. People have to suddenly go. People have to work. Family stuff making people afk. Bio breaks that can't be helped. These things just can't happen in mythic or it just stuffs up the whole raid and wastes people's time. And raiding time is now cut by a third to only 2 nights a week so we really want to get bang for our buck when it comes to time.

I didn't say it then because Xyn said it would sound like I was being bitter about the events on Wednesday raid, but I thought (and so did he) that we are NEVER doing mythic again. What do we love about raiding in our guild? We love that we are efficient with time, we love that the raid size is flexible so we can bring everyone along and not have to sit people out - and when times are dry we can run a smaller raid doing the same content with no hassles - and we love that we can AFK suddenly for family things, drop from raid and rejoin when we're done with the incident with minimal disruption to the raid. Oh and we love that we are allowed to play whatever class we choose, because I've always told people to play what you enjoy and not what the guild needs because ultimately it's your enjoyment that makes you happy when you play this game. And we can't do those things with mythic raiding - especially not with the values that makes the guild so great for us in terms of time, flexibility and inclusiveness.

I mentioned this to another guildie and he was worried about a fallout - are there those raiding with us currently that would be really dissatisfied with not doing mythic raiding? I stressed to him that I told EVERYONE when they joined that we are not a mythic guild, and we only ever do mythic when we run out of heroic things to do. I am TOTALLY fine with someone wanting to go to a mythic guild, because I never want to hold people back from what they aspire to in game. We aren't going to change our core values, it's the special thing about our guild that makes it great for people with family commitments and there are plenty of other places people can go to get their raid needs. And we're also happy that if people leave to try something and it doesn't work out, they can come back, no dramas!

I'm going to use one of my guildies, Neuro as an example.  End of WoD, thanks to Cinder, he joined our guild to play with us and we thought he was absolutely great. A mythic raider, who had decided that he didn't like the crappy behaviour that is inherent to a lot of mythic guilds, was looking for something a bit more relaxed and fun. However, I knew that he loved mythic raiding and that we weren't going to offer that in our guild, at least, not as a main goal - so I was happy to have him helping out and hanging out in the guild, and he got on really well with everyone, chatting and being part of the family. I remember thinking that he fit in so well in the guild, that it was a shame that he would leave eventually.

Then he started moving toons into the guild! Maybe he was going to stay because he liked us so much! I was thrilled and thoughts of him leaving were forgotten. Then one day when I mentioned what he would do with us in Legion he told me that he was going to join a mythic guild and do some raiding with Cinder. I was sad to hear he was going to leave, and probably more so because I had embraced the hope that he liked playing with us more than he liked Mythic raiding. But we wished him well, kept in touch and told him he could come back at any time if it didn't work out. I thought we wouldn't see him again, and I was sad for a week but life goes on!

However, a few weeks ago he came to chat and he said he wanted to come back because he wasn't super pleased with some behaviour in the new guild, and I was thrilled that he would be back! So now he's back on his poor undergeared horde toon, but raiding with the guild and I was pleased as punch to have him back. A great example of someone who went away to try something more than what we could offer, and came back when it didn't quite suit them. And we are totally ok with that - in fact I think people come back as better guildies after going out to try something different.

I'll see if our reinforcement on the stance changes anything. Though, ToV is a lot of work for not that much reward.


  1. You're such a stick in the mud Navi.

  2. Hey, I feel ya! I think it's that time of the xpac that guilds shuffle around a bit. We have a pretty good core and a lot of close friends, which I think will sustain us (but I think there's always that fear of not having enough people on for a normal/heroic) and we've just lost a bunch to perhaps-greener pastures of Mythic. It's always lovely when someone comes back because they miss the atmosphere! :)

    I think what a lot of raiders don't realise is the amount of headache that goes into planning Mythic raids! Always wondering who will be on, and whether you'll have to sit someone because of that magic number.. and the pressure to 'be good' vs just having a good time. It's nice to know you don't have to worry about it anymore!

    All the best as always, fellow druidy friend :D


    1. Thanks for visiting Cel! And I hope you will have at least 10 people to play with so you can raid. It is nice when people come back, isn't it! We always think wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to have a magic 20 for mythic, but the point of mythic is that it's challenging and you MUST put in team effort for it. Obviously the first challenge is getting 20 consistent people lol!


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