Guildleader Chores - I wasn't gone that long...

Kudos to Kyxyn for looking after the guild when I was away but it isn't surprising that when I got back all questions were redirected back to me. Not that I mind, in fact, I am eager for normality to settle in again, but it does remind me that running a guild is actually WORK and not just a prestigious title or glory.

First job when I come back was to get these flask contributions sorted. I have recorded every contribution and number in Discord, and at the moment have enough cauldrons for 2 raid days. Will be three by Wednesday, I'm sure. I have decided Sev is in charge of sorting that out and he did some token things with formulas and stuff that I am not good with spreadsheets, but he can populate it over the raids to make sure people know if they are up to date. I'm entering what's received and Xyn is entering the attendance so it's at least sorted out that way.

Secondly, I had to do some ruffled feather soothing. There were some misunderstandings when I was away and I had to go calm those down. Nothing major, just maintenance, really.

While I was away there was some moaning about guild repairs not being on for raid. I had it working for the second week of raiding, but on the first week everyone had to pay for their own repairs. Luckily there wasn't much wiping so not much of a repair bill but there were still some... complaints. Interesting.

Kyxyn said on Sunday that he might have to take a break from raiding on Sundays because he needed some down time to do real life stuff (work is busy for him at this time of year). HK was thrilled to be told that he will have to direct the tanking and raid stuff on Sunday. I was hoping we'd get some casual raiders up to scratch so they could get going on it, but I have not seen many turning up reliably. A shame really!

Another thing I have been really pleased with is that the behaviour we try to encourage from the guild seems to be adopted as a whole. An incident with inappropriate language/behaviour popped up from one drunk member (a new member) and it was immediately dealt with in a positive way and the person was contrite and realised their error. In fact, the officer who dealt with it received whispers from guild members in support of the swift intervention. When I have had to deal with issues about guild appropriate behaviour I have gotten positive feedback with guildies about my "intervention". I suppose those who didn't approve would just stay quiet, but it's nice to know what we do to maintain our guild integrity is appreciated.

And now the whispers have started again about invites to the guild. I had better get on top of those and answer them all as promptly as possible and start filtering again!