Did you see one of the Orbs from the Kosumoth attunement in this week's Suramar quest?

If you've not finished the Suramar main quest line and getting those weekly storyline releases from Thalyssra then don't read on because there are some spoilers!

This week one of the quests, Unbeleyvable, was to assist Arcanist Voltrois with placing ley line taps. Oculeth teleports us to a hidden place in Azsuna to start tapping. If you recall, she is the one who helps you tap ley lines in Suramar, and has always had a bit of a snobby atttitude towards us.

Stellagosa appears and starts "back seat ley-line tapping" though some of her suggestions are good and the conversation is quite amusing. In fact, you see them moving the tap as each one talks, in a little by play.

Arcanist Valtrois: The next tap should go here.
Stellagosa: Are you sure about that placement? It would be better here.
Arcanist Valtrois: I have spent millenia studying ley lines. I am certainly capable of finding one right beneath my feet!
Stellagosa: But I can see the line and the focus of the conduit. You want to put it there.
Arcanist Valtrois: Fine! We can do it your way. But if this entire cave ends up exploding with arcane energy, it will be on your head.

However, look at the cave we are in! If you have done the Kosumoth attunement, it's one of the caves with an orb in it. If you look in the picture above, just above the word "poking" - above the second quotation marks is the orb!

In this picture you can see it close to my feet on the ground. And also the little taps Valtrois is placing on the ground.

Stellagosa kindly takes us back and it appears that Valtrois and Stellagosa may start to strike up a friendship...

Stellagosa: You have done enough, arcanist. I shall take you both to Shal'Aran. Come with me. Your control over such vast energies is impressive. That was no small task.
Arcanist Valtrois: You made an excellent assistant. Your inherent knowledge of ley lines is almost as expansive as mine.
Stellagosa: Yes, and I know the convergence of ley lines feeds great power to the Nightwell. Harnessing that much power is perilous, but if she could...
Arcanist Valtrois: I konw what she would be capable of. That is why we must stop her.

Arcanist Valtrois to me: You go on ahead and inform Thalyssra. I have a few questions for our friend here.
Stellagosa: Yes? What do you want to know?
Arcanist Valtrois: Do you actually visualise the lines or is it more than you can sense them? Is it a constant sensation or can you turn it on and off?