Blizzcon 2016 Trip - Day 4 (BLIZZCON DAY 2)

I had "Backer Breakfast" with Xia and Ceraphus, and also with Foxy and Tullibardine, and we all chatted about how the Con Before the Storm could be better. We mentioned about the art part, but overall it had a really good response. 5000 attendees, they said! Though I wonder who was counting, because I walked in and out about 7 times...

After that I went in to see Rho who was catching up with peeps next to the Tracer statue.

Caught up with my friends at the WoW arena championships, where it was Splyce vs Method NA. Method was the home team so people were cheering for them, but Splyce were last year's champions and had lots of experience.

Splyce's Beast Cleave team of BM hunter/enh shaman/holy pally seemed unstoppable, but Method changed it up after losing to try a Holy Pally/Prot Pally/Enh shaman team. And they won with that twice! The Prot Pally buffed the enh shaman's damage and also did offhealing, as well as the double Hammer of justice which did really well for them. Splyce's healer (Boetar) switched after that from Holy Pally to Resto druid and defeated them twice. Method then switched to an anti-druid team of shadow priest/feral druid/holy pally and beat splyce, leaving them with a 3 all tie. They stayed with that comp and Splyce switched it up with a demo lock/enh shaman/holy pally and it was a really exciting decider. Boetar nearly died but somehow managed to heal back up even though the feral druid (Bean) was on him. The gateway also saved him too! But after a long match, Cdew (Method's pally healer) went down much to fan's disappointment but that was a great game to watch!

We had coffee with Neri afterwards at Hilton's Starbucks, but Neri and Shab were keen to get back to watch the next eSports action (HotS) and I wanted to get my books signed - I brought back my Traveller to get Greg Weisman to sign it, and the author of the WoW cookbook and Christie Golden were also there at the same time so I got her to sign some books for me too! I took a pic with the author of the cookbook and she complimented me on my wolf head :)

Bumped into Medros, and Noxychu (I bought a mini Blizzcon badge from her) and caught up with Imry downstairs too. Also went out to see cosplayers and finally caught up with Draynee!


Then it was time for closing ceremony. And Weird Al Yankovic.

I admit, I was skeptical - even though I knew some of his songs, and they were always funny - but the show started well, then I drifted off then was interested again and then drifted off, but around halfway when I thought I'd leave, the show picked up and I stayed for the whole lot. I had gone to see Yenna at that stage and she gave me some cookies!

His final songs were the Star Wars ones - "The Saga Begins" and the Yoda one - and everyone knew those oness!

Afterwards Aza, Exray, Ultra and Deco (Ultra's Bro), Sev, Shab, HK and I went for dinner at Tony Roma and had ribs. Ugh, so full!

It was a fun Blizzcon but I compared to previous ones, with less WoW news, it wasn't AS good but it was by no means bad. After all, what new thing could they possibly announced with an expansion and a patch released within the last 4 months? It was good to see all my friends, great to have a big bunch of guildies come and fun to dress up a little bit!

Thanks Blizzard for a great Blizzcon! See you again in 3 years!