Blizzcon 2016 Trip - Day 2 (Day before Con)

Didn't sleep much. But I kinda expect that with the time difference and excitement! Besides, 4 hours is enough for me, but it probably made HK suffer a bit.

Got up a bit late and we went out at about 830 to line up to pick up our Blizzcon tickets. Once the queue got moving at 9, we all got our tickets really quickly! Silly me forgot my passport in the excitement and so HK and I had to head to the special line to get the tickets. There was a bit of a kerfuffle with our tickets because the lady changed the name on the ticket and somehow our Benefit ticket became a normal ticket which we found out when we went to pick up our Goody box as I couldn't get mine but HK could get his. So back we went to fix up our ticket (but it still wasn't fully fixed, as I'll explain later).

Then we got in the line for the store, which was really long! We spent hours in the line for the store, and I walked away with TOO MUCH STUFF. The biggest item was the Illidan statue which was bigger than me!

I'll add an edited pic later :)

Then we went to In and Out, which someone had told me we had to try since we were in California. We ordered animal style double burgers and fries, and a very thick shake! Sev really is a fussy eater and refused to eat his burger because it had tomatoes on it, even though I offered to eat the tomatoes. The asian in me hates seeing food go to waste! And as if more couldn't go wrong with Sev's food, his drink sprung a leak!

It was very heavy and looked extremely unhealthy but I'm glad we got to try it!

Then back to the hotel room for a bit of a breather where the boys had a nap and I did world quests and then we went out and had drinks at a little ANZ get together that MsMiggi had organised. Met Battlepanda (who had a cape of an Australian flag) and then I ducked up to Con before the Storm and saw Ceraphus, Xia, Whammo, Fimlys, Hydra, Rilandune, Shoryl and Mrs Shoryl, Grimmtooth and Mrs Grimmtooth, Artemisha, Zabine and Hawgeye! I was super pleased to be able to see them this trip!

The Benefit dinner was fun! I was worried I was going to be sitting down not talking to anyone and being shy but I put on my bold face and talked to people around me - I think they were like me, feeling shy but happy to talk to anyone who would talk to them! I met @lootgaming who I had met on Twitter when looking for a ticket for Blizzcon and his friend @PhatsuoWoW (who is really intense with his wow chat!) and then plucked up some courage to take photos with Dustin Browder and Ion Hazzikostas. Also chatted to the CHOC neonatologist who gave a speech on behalf of the Children's Hospital.

You know I forgot to get his number - I should have organised a tour of their hospital for CPD points! He did however take my number and email :)

I also chatted to @murlocQueen and I hope I can try one of her biscuits :)

After the benefit we caught up with our friends and chatted till late. Needed our sleep to get up for Blizzcon nice and earlyish the next day!