Blizzcon 2016 Trip - Day (2 days before Con)

Who can sleep when they're about to fly overseas for Blizzcon???

Clearly, Shab can!

HK could hardly sleep and I was up at 530am trying to get all my chores done before I had to leave, so we left at 630ish and caught the train to the airport. Silly me left my OPAL card at home, but fortunately you can still buy paper tickets, and so for the first time ever, I caught a train to the international airport.

Sev was staying at the hotel nearby but Shab was not answering his phone - I thought he was sleeping but it turned out he was in the shower. From his place it takes 1.5 hours to get to the airport, so I was worried he was going to be late!

Hk and I found Sev then went through Passport control and had breakfast on the other side. Big mistake. Better food to be found on the outside than on the inside!

Shab eventually turned up, and we had some snacks, did some shopping and then made our way to our respective gates. Shab and Sev were on the same flight (United) whereas HK and I were on the QANTAS but we ended up getting to LA at a similar time. I had an exit row seat and had never had so much leg room in my life!

Queues at LAX were dreadful at passport control (probably because 5 planes landed at once), but eventually we got through and secured our transport to our hotels. Sev and Shab were staying at Super 8 which is close to Red Lion (which is where I was staying) and we ended up having a 2nd hearty breakfast (in addition to our airline brekkys) at IHop, which like all American servings was HUGE!

Had a bit of a rest at our hotels (did some world quests) then met up with our guildies, as well as Arash, Zari, Chewy and friends for dinner at Bubba Gump. It's always a fun meal there, with trivia, nice service and reasonable food.

We were going to go to Ditchcon but then found out that we had to have signed up via Facebook to be able to attend and so we were sitting around in the Hilton lobby having drinks and chatting when I saw Ceraphus and Rilandune wandering up and down carrying stuff getting ready for the Con Before the Storm tomorrow. I was mortified that I didn't recognise Rilandune at first but I shall blame tiredness and alcohol...

We managed to get into Ditchcon (which was run by Pwncast) and it was unfortunately very loud. Could hardly talk to my friends! We stayed a little bit - I was mostly trying to find Fanglore from @Tahazudesigns but it turns out he didn't go to Blizzcon this year. What a bum!

Did manage to meet Lycan, from Pwncast. He was very friendly!

I was soft and had to give in after that - a combination of long flights, no sleep and alcohol just made me super tired. I will be up nice and early tomorow so I can get my tickets, browse the shop and then get ready for the party scene of Thursday night!


  1. I'm so happy you made it safely! Give everyone a hello and hug from me while you are there :-)

  2. Hope you have a really great time, I'll enjoy vicariously through your pictures!


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