Where Khadgar's latest party in Dalaran is a bit of a bust

Server maintenance means something new is coming and there was a new thing in Dalaran with Khadgar. I thought "Ooh, I'll go do that after raid!"

Xyn said, "Don't get your hopes up. You would probably find it more exciting to pick cactus apples in Durotar."

Hmm. That bad huh?

So Khadgar wants us to find some orbs and zap them and then after we do that, we get to meet Alodi, the first Guardian. 

Ouch. Well, at least that's a movie tie-in! Except that Alodi was Glenn Close in the movie, and here it's clearly a guy.

So he tells us we have to find the 4 pillars on Broken Isles. And that's the end of that. 

Hm. Well I have to disagree with Xyn on that one. I think that cactus apple picking is marginally more boring than that quest in Dalaran :P


  1. Not much to that questline, for sure. As *players* -- or at least players who have been following WoW news -- we knew that we were going to be hunting for the Pillars on the Broken Isles already, from the original Legion announcement. But I guess our *characters* needed to be told somehow :P

    1. LOL yeah I hadn't thought about it that way!


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