Thoughts in the final moments of Warlords of Draenor

It is interesting that Warlords of Draenor seemed to start so well but then seemed to fizzle during the following 2 years. Key new features and ideas were added, which held interest for a short period but rapidly became dull, and the content seemed to be lacking compared to previous expansions.

It wasn't all doom and gloom. There has never been a better time to be in Frostwolves as there was a huge focus on the Frostwolf Clan, and allowed everyone to understand a bit about the lore behind the Orc clan our guild was named for. Much better than being named Blackrock or Shattered Hand, if you ask me :P

An article in Polygon talked about the disappointment with Warlords of Draenor. They had this interesting graph, looking specifically at content with each patch in each expansion.

(Lt pink = dungeons, med red = raids, Dk red = PvP BGs or arenas, Dk maroon = zones)

It didn't paint a very good picture of WoD at all.

I had thought that perhaps content must be very limited if even I am levelling alts to 100, as I had never done that before. But, I suspect it was the ease at which I could level which made it more appealing than it had been previously.

I admit there didn't feel like there were many raids. Just the 4 for this past 2 years. There were 5 in MoP.

Tanaan was to Draenor what Timeless Isle was to MoP, great for those levelling or wanting to do alts, but there didn't feel like there was a lot to do there except kill some rares, do your reputations to get your flying and get your empowered rune.

Even my friends blogs were quiet. There was little that people were writing about or engaging in, except to write about the alpha, beta or PTR. I have been avoiding all those things, hoping to just level at my own pace.

I didn't get to finish some things, which is a disappointment.

  • I didn't finish my 2000 pet battles in Draenor. No statue for me.
  • I didn't kill all the garrison invasion bosses. I am still missing two. Damn they're not easy to get!
  • I didn't get my last Pristine Archaeology item. Warsong Ceremonial Pike, I hate you.
  • I didn't get to do many mythic raids. I miss that but I accept that as something I will have to give up if I want to stay with my friends and run a guild the way I do. We were never much of a mythic guild anyway, but I would like to push harder but I don't want to compromise our accomplishment as a stable, pleasant guild to become something that may not make it as pleasant.
I will miss my Garrison a bit. I liked having my bank there and pet battles to do, and a quiet place to fish. But being in Dalaran again with everyone will bring back a bit of the WotLK awesomeness where both factions are in the same place.

I will miss flying. No more flying for a while. I wonder when we'll see that again? Probably when we've done Loremaster and levelled our reputations again.

But I am so excited for new content. I am excited to see all my guildies on, with a bulging guild roster as everyone else is excited to be online and ready to go. Xyn and Exray have 25 quests completed and ready to go so they can hand them in and get a head start on levelling. It will be a while before I get home, since I'm stuck here at work.

It's now officially Legion O'clock. 5pm AEST. LEGION IS LIVE!!!

Happy leveling everyone!