Raiding - I thought there would be more demon hunters!

We were going to do Archimonde on Wednesday, but thought it would be more fun to do lower level so everyone could try out their demon hunters.

We have a few new people to add to raid. Gen and Ram, who run the guild my Alliance mage is in, have joined us and I have been very excited to have 2 new regular raiders as well as returning ones.

Surprisingly, we only had 6 demon hunters. Xyn tanked on his; Sev, Exray, Gen, Sohelia and Duck were the others. Aimei was tanking with Xyn, and Koda/Cosima healed with me and so did Ram on his newly minted monk who was barely making the ilvl for HFC. But, it was meant to be a fun silly raid rather than a truly serious one so I would take all the healers I can get. He did feel a bit sheepish with all his dying but I don't expect much on a new toon who isn't geared. Celaena came back to raid (on a rogue), and Gorvek was there holding Sohelia's hand, and Mauve came for a little bit on his DH but he was lagging and had to drop. Lushen was there and so was Lakota on his monk - ugh 2 more melee - and Splatz.

It was tough with all that melee. Ultra came on his hunter and Kelthal on his warlock and Gorvek switched to elemental and Tacky was on his hunter, and that felt like very little ranged. I DPS'd for Kilrogg but healing was so sketchy that I ended up healing a little bit so my damage was totally lame!

We finished all of lower and then Iskar, Fel Lord and Xhul on middle floor. Xhul was actually quite good, Fel Lord had a wipe or two and Iskar was messy. But it was overall quite fun, I thought. There was some nice titan forged loot going out! Gen and Xyn both rolled some 740 items and all the personal loot was redistributed at the end of the raid.

Only 2 weeks to go till expansion! It suddenly seems so close! I think we'll still do some transmog runs and if anyone is still looking for a moose, we may try to do that next week. However, nobody has said they need their moose so for now so we can keep doing fun things. 2 weeks to get all my Draenor things done!