I like the Archaeology changes with Legion

Whilst everyone is bored and twiddling their thumbs waiting for Legion in 3 weeks and Demon Hunters tomorrow, I was attempting to get my last Pristine for my Draenor Archaeology achievement, which, according to the number of Draenor solves everyone has on average, I still have 100 at least to do before I shall complete mine.

I noticed with some surprise and pleasure that when I opened the Archaeology Tab that there were some changes!

Finally! The Draenor archaeology things were on the first page! I was so sick of always going to the second page to get to the what I wanted to. And interesting to see the three new races for Legion.

Also, I noticed something else. When I was about to dig I noticed this shining shovel on my head. It turns out than when you are on the artifact, this pops up! It makes archaeology so much easier! Though, I didn't care for the fact that it makes it looks like I've got a shovel IN my head.

There. Sitting down makes it a little clearer.

Just keep digging, just keep digging.... Pristine Warsong Ceremonial Pike, where are you!