Cross faction post follow up - Pandaren CAN talk cross faction!

In my last post, Zeirah said:
"I'm pretty sure that Pandaran can now talk across faction as well in their native language. I'm sure I read that had become a change but I haven't found a pandaran to test it out with on my server."
Fortunately we have Frostwolves Pandas on both sides! So Kyxyn, Tacky and myself went and tried it out. And astonishingly, it is TRUE!

So when you all select Pandaren language then you can all speak cross faction!

Now, to take a picture to make it show that we were actually cross faction I had to flag myself so that the other two became red to me (I'm Alliance) and that nasty Kaajal/Kyxyn found it difficult to resist a level 91 alliance when he was a hulking bully 100 and 2 shot me. But what is to be expected of such a tyrant!

So there you go! Pandaren can talk cross faction! It will be interesting to see how much the demon hunters can say cross faction, considering Pandaren can have FULL conversations. And, knowing this, does it even matter if Demon hunters can talk in battlegrounds when the ability to do so is already there for another race and nothing has happened in a negative way because of it?

However, I have to admit that the nastiest people in BGs tend NOT to play Pandaren, I find, which will not be the case with demon hunters.


  1. I am so glad this does work :) it makes utter sense that it does!!

    I can't wait to try this out with demon hunters too


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