Finally figured out that /console cameraDistanceMaxFactor (1-4)

It took me ages to figure this out. But eventually, with lots of hand holding, I did it.

I mentioned in my previous post that I was neither for nor against the limitation of the camera distance. Watcher had posted a picture of what standard looked like, but I really wanted to see what the extended one looked like.

So I took some pics around Frostfire Ridge and my Garrison.

This is at a factor of 1. When I type the command in, it seems to automatically set the slider distance to near. So this is probably a bit close for me.
This is at a factor of 3. I admit, I can see the advantages of it for raiding.
This is at a factor of 4. Now I don't play with it this zoomed out and when I saw it, I was like WOAH this is tiny! But it does give you an appreciation for your surroundings though. But boy is that small.
This is at factor of 2. So it seemed, when I was playing with it, that when I set to 1, it puts my slider at near, and when I set it to 2, it is the same as when I set my slider to far. This is actually what I normally play with. I think this is what Blizzard is going to set it at.
This is at factor 3. I use what's behind me as a guide to how much it's zoomed out.
This is at factor 4. Teeny tiny me!
I really should find a boss fight and put it on the different vars to show what it looks like in melee. But I play a ranged character. There is a reason I don't play melee.

For fights with big platforms, I can see the advantage of the big zoom out. However, all that's a bit moot in a fight in a room, coz then the camera angle zooms in a lot anyway, I find. Sneaky solution? Put all raid fights in rooms so that nobody can zoom out.

However, it's not the raid bosses where you will miss out on the details of the scenery and graphics around you - everyone spends so much time fighting they don't notice those things, I think! It's the world outside! So limiting it in raids doesn't do much except put everyone on the same level (if they're not using the distance max factor of 4), and limiting it outside is supposed to make you appreciate the ground, trees and flowers more.

Oh, I just realised something. If melee are going to hate this change do you think we will have LESS melee? OMG that would be amazing! Totally over having 60-70% of the group being melee :D 20-30% would be heaps better /grin

Anyway, it seems like EVERYONE hates the change. Do you think by popular demand they'll put it back in? I have a sneaking suspicion they may capitulate. What do you think>