Raiding - Mythic Gorefiend and Socrethar on Sunday

The guild I was helping out finally managed to pull it all together on Sunday night and down not only Gorefiend but Socrethar on Mythic. That was a really excellent feeling, but it was tinged with a bit of regret as some realities sunk in.

I had been used to being regularly pugged in, and I realise that as a PuG I don't really have rights, or entitlements. I love to help out, so I don't really care about loot, but I can imagine that if I had spent a lot of time helping on a boss and then not allowed to attend the kill, I'd be a bit sad.

It's not really different to killing Kormrok on mythic earlier this year. We did the same thing in the first joint raid we did, which was a sour moment in an otherwise sweet kill. So I can see how it looks from both sides, having been on each myself now. I felt bad for those who missed out who had worked towards getting the kill, but we are PuGs, and we knew this was what we signed up for.

That Gorefiend fight is more about DPS than heals, I think. From a healing point of view, we had to make sure we could heal the essences inside and at first I was struggling, but I ended up going tree form and spamming regrowth on them and using the ring if needed and then coming out and drinking. Tough to do solo, but I was usually inside with another healer. It was the DPS with the hard job of trying to make sure people were broken out at the correct time, killing adds inside and out and everyone doing their best NOT to die that took almost 200 attempts to get, but it seemed to suddenly flow on Sunday and it went down REALLY well!

Unfortunately, I had died in the kill attempt which was a bum! But other than that I was quite pleased with what I had done. One thing that I had questioned the usefulness of was the spirit/leech trinket but it did do a large amount of healing during the feast phase.

On to Socrethar after that which was also quite easy to do as there was only one extra new thing to worry about, and then that was a second mythic boss down in the same night!

After that the guild was doing Iskar and making decent work on it. At the end of the raid I had some thinking to do.

I had noticed that during that raid, I was the only PuG. There was another PuG there originally but they were sat out for a guildie. And when this guild got the kill, that would boost the guild's ability to be able to recruit more people, which would mean that I would be the next to be sat out, as I was no longer needed. I wondered if I was kept in for a sentimental reason, as I had been friends with them for a while. And I thought, perhaps I should mention that I am ok with being sat out, because a full guild run would be what they were aiming for. I know I would, if it was me wearing the other hat.

I was reassured that it wasn't a pity invite or anything, but that I was useful to have as a backup when they were short (as well as my guildies, who were good players, polite and reliable). Well, that was good to know, but it also meant that my PuGGing days here were numbered. There would be no point in me struggling to get online at 8pm anymore (which I don't do on any other normal day, as I have family duties), and if there was no further need for me to login at that earlier time, then I could spend that time doing what I used to do - read bedtime stories to the kids on the weekends. They had been lamenting that I had been playing games on the weekend, and not spending time with them, and I thought now that I was about to be replaced, it would be a good time to go back to that, and login again at my normal time (which was after they went to bed).

So I let the other guild know that, and that I probably wouldn't be logging on at 8pm anymore (no point wrecking my family stuff for "maybe raid" right?) but if they needed me after 9pm they could find me.

So that is the end of my regular pugging mythic adventures! It means I might now have more time for things like Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm - or maybe just more time for achievement chasing, PvP or dungeons with guildies! LOL, no sooner had I made this decision that I got a whisper from a GM from another guild who asked me if I was free to fill in their mythic raid - unfortunately I was saved, but I may be more available from now on! But, that was a one off - long weekends are notorious for people being AFK, right?

I will miss raiding with the other guild, I did make some friends there - but I still have them on Battle net. However, perhaps now I have more time to spend with my own guildies, building on our foundations and relationships as we move through the end of this expansion and forward onto Legion. And that itself, is an exciting prospect indeed.