Navispam - Meeting Artemisha

I can't remember why I started following Artemisha on Twitter. I think it was because she was a paediatric and neonatal ICU nurse as well as being a WoW player. She may have replied someone's tweet, or maybe be one of the people Twitter recommended I should follow. Either way, we started chatting, and it's kinda nice to have a medical person to chat to.

I'd had an incident this week, and she had also had an incident this week, so she sent me a message and we were chatting. Her incident was worse than mine, and she was really glum, so I said to her, chin up, let's go do something fun in game.

Fortunately she plays Horde! So off we went to do Timewalking, which was the weekly garrison mission. She asked me if I had a Timewalking set for DPS, and I did not. She however, did. Not knowing much about her toon, I was thinking wow, she's really serious.

On inspection of her toon she is 11/13M! Well no wonder she has a timewalking BIS set! I felt a little ashamed about it and thought perhaps I should work on one too - BUT, there's this tiny issue of BAG SPACE.

We queued up some Timewalking dungeons - the first one was The Nexus, which was easy, but the second one was Pit of Saron which was more challenging.

In between I stopped by her garrison, and she showed me some of her AMAZING mounts!

Of course, she was riding an Invincible. But then she pulled out some of these babies.

This is the Ironbound Wrathcharger, one of the mounts you can buy with Timewarped badges. It does look rather awesome.

And THIS is the Plagued Proto-Drake! I went to look for it and it wasn't even in my journal! I had to go look for it and found that it was the reward from Glory of the Raider (25 man). The mount rewards were removed in 3.1.0 and so the only way to get it now is from the BMAH. That is where Artemisha told me she got hers, which is PRETTY COOL!

I had no cool mounts to show her, so I showed her the only things I could - pet specials!

I pulled out Mini Tyrael and got her to dance with him, and then got her to get her Crawling Claw out so we could both play Rock, Paper, Scissors. She was amazed! I was pleased that I got to show her something cool! I hope that they make more pets that can do cool interactions - the cats in laps was a cool move, but they need even more pet things!

I don't know if I managed to cheer up Artemisha, but it was good to be able to meet her. Hopefully things go well for her.