Guildleader chores - First time using the AMR loot addon

It was on the suggestion of Neuro that we decided to give the AMR loot addon a try. There were a number of things he thought were good about it - and admittedly I had seen the video almost exactly one year ago - but at the time I had thought it was too much of a hassle to ask everyone to get the addon.

Surprisingly, it was not difficult to get everyone to use the addon. Last week we put it in message of the day for raiders to get the addon because we were trialling it for Legion, and everyone complied. That was fantastic. So we all got to see the addon at work and Wednesday as a good day to do it as it was a low stress raid that was quick to do. I felt a bit of shame as I had to ask Neuro to come and heal and he did for the lower floor.

It was interesting to see these tiny little upgrades from each item for each person and even the Need Greed thing worked very well.

I was the designated looter and I was worried that it would be very slow, but it was actually quicker than normal loot! Once I had the hang of the copy paste and pulling the loot window up, people were quick to put in their need/greed/pass preferences and rolls would go out and I would distribute loot. There was one hiccup on one boss where I couldn't distribute any loot for some reason (it was the one in this screenshot) and I was able to close the windows and manually master loot it. Other than that, I rather liked it.

Feedback we got from guildies:

  • There is no transmog option - so a caster sword cannot be rolled on or looted to via the addon to a warr/rogue/DK for for transmog
  • Size of the screen - which was quite rapidly fixed with the UI size option as some guildies wanted to keep going on killing trash but didn't want to close the window and it was too big making it hard to see
  • People fudging their stats for priorities - but we had said that the addon was a good adjunct rather than a final decision on looting
  • Looting seemed faster
  • Nice to what was an upgrade (according to the addon)
  • Helped with alts or newer guildies who were reluctant to roll on anything but then when they look at the loot window and everyone had passed they could feel more comfortable about rolling
I'll keep using it tonight, I think, and from now on, as it makes looting so much faster. This way we could also see who was getting all the loot (and it was Orbit and the shamans walking away with most of it), but that's not unusual because they are the ones who need all the upgrades.

We had a new guildie join us in raid today, Moistyman. He seemed to enjoy himself! Looks like I have found myself a new raider. He comes with a friend, Tango, who unfortunately couldn't join us today. I also recruited a MW monk, who was in trade channel looking for a guild (and I chatted to him but wasn't really expecting much) but as I chatted, he seemed to be a decent person looking for a polite guild and he joined. I invited him to come raid, but he was reluctant because he hadn't been raiding much this tier, but bottom floor is low stress, so I said to him that he could come for the easy bosses and if he felt uncomfortable he could go after that. He was going to go but then had to pull at out last minute because of family issues. What impressed me about the new guys is that they told me that they were unable to come before the raid started - what lovely manners!

I also had some news that 2 friends of mine were going to make toons on Saurfang in Legion and raid with us. Both are excellent players and I am really looking forward to that. I am now filled with renewed vigour and enthusiasm for Legion - I can't wait for prepatch and Legion release now!